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TIPS for Sugar Babes

1. Put some effort in it and be patient. In order to find the perfect Sugar Daddy for you communicate with as many potential Sugar Daddies as possible. Like in normal dating you should go on many first dates before you will find your perfect Sugar Daddy or Daddies.

2. Make sure you know what you are looking for. Decide what kind of Sugar Daddy you are looking for. Do you want to spend a lot of time together or just occasionally or in the weekends? What do you want your Sugar Daddy to do for you? Are you looking for an allowance, gifts or travel?

3. Be straightforward. Sugar Daddies know what they want and how they want it. They do not want their time to be wasted. Be very clear about your needs and expectations: Sugar Daddies expect you to do so. Also be honest about why you are looking for within a Sugar Baby lifestyle so Sugar Daddies know exactly how they can make a contribution to your Sugar Baby wants and needs.

4. Talk about what you have to offer your Sugar Daddy. Do not focus only on what you want and need but let your Sugar Daddy know what he can expect from you: fun, excitement, a travel buddy and so on.

5. Make your potential agreement specific. Define things like:

· When will you be available?

· Where will you meet?

· What will a date look like? Travel, dinner, drinks and so on.

· When will you receive any payments or gifts?

· What will be reasons to cancel an agreement? So both of you know what situations to avoid

6. Be interested in your Sugar Daddy. Be a good listener and ask him about his interests. Ask questions, be curious and look for ways of also being an inspiration to him. Share things that you are passionate about.

7. Be sophisticated and elegant. Be charming in a delicate manner.

8. Be positive, fun and independent. A Sugar Daddy is looking for a woman that is fun, exciting and an absolute addition to his life. He is not looking for someone to do his groceries for him. He is looking for someone who has her own life, friends and interests when he is not around.

9. Be classy. You do not have to wear provocative clothing to be sexy. Just wear something that makes you look really good.

10. Be discrete. Discretion is most important when it comes to dating a Sugar Daddy. He could be married and he probably has a business reputation to take care of. Respects his boundaries and adjust to his lifestyle.

11. The key to success in the Sugar Daddy world is perfect adaptability. If you can adjust yourself to his wishes, needs and lifestyle you are ready to get spoiled!
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